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 Aquador Retreat Bed and Breakfast

 Day Spa, Relaxation Retreat

Set in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia 45 min. from the international airport and 30min from the city.

If time-out is essential for you

your time is well spent at Aquador.


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Reflect and Relax in a 2 day weekend.
Open from Thursday to Sunday night

3 day Yoga Retreat.

3 day Meditation Retreat.

Changing Woman Retreat.


Soul Healing.


5 Day Detox Retreat 

Retreat Dates and Prices.



Aquador Retreat uses chlorine free underground water high in minerals that has multiple benefits.

Inspired by ancient traditional customs of relaxation using Hydrotherapy, Aquador creates a space for relaxation health and wellbeing.

Take time out and connect with your true self with the use of:

Hydrotherapy is a central feature of the Wellness Centre. Since ancient times, hydrotherapies have been used to assist in general health and well-being.

                What could be more relaxing  then a visit to one of our spa rooms, with a wide range
                of body and skin treatments, using all natural products?                                                             

The Facility features
hydrotherapy massage spa pool, homeopathic hot pool, cold plunge pool,
1 infra-red saunas and a traditional dry sauna next to a relaxation room.
2 wet and dry treatment rooms

How to use the facilities.


The Retreats Sustainable Building Design and construction has been created on the philosophy of taking environmental considerations for saving electricity and water. 

The property operates from a good quality  Bore, two large Rainwater Tanks and a Bore Water Tank . The option to divert to mains water has not been needed as the garden is watered with the gray water from the Retreat.

The Building  is north/south facing for quick cooling down in the evening and has R4 insulation in the walls for energy efficiency. 

The hot water is heated by 11 Solar Panels and the home and spa area has floor heating.



Health Retreat

If time-out is essential for you

your time is well spent at Aquador.